A dialoque between the child and God


A dialoque between the child and God

It's a dialoque between the child and God, before the child was born.

She asked:
They tell me I'll be sent into the world tomorrow...
How will I live there if I am so small and I can't defend myself?

- From many different guardian angels I have chosen a special angel who is
waiting for you and will take care of you.

- But here in heaven all I do is sing and smile,which makes me so happy.
How can I be happy on earth?

- Your angel will sing and smile with you... and everyday and every instant you will feel happy and loved by your angel.

- How will I understand when they talk to me?Will I be able to speak their language?

- With great patience and care your guardian angel will teach you how to speak.

- What will I do when I want to speak to you?

- Your guardian angel will put your two little hands together and teach you how to pray.

- I heard that on earth there are many bad people.Who will protect me?

- Your guardian angel will protect you even if it means risking her own life.

- But I will be sad because I'll never see you again.

- Your guardian angel will always talk about me,teach you the way to be with me and I will always be in your heart. at that moment there was peace in heaven,you could here
the voices of people on earth.as the child was about to come into the world she asked God in a soft voice.

- Heavenly Father,if I am ready to go now please tell me the name of my guardian angel.

- Dear child, you will call your guardian angel....MOTHER.

Создан 12 мая 2008

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