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Twisted trees these trees have unusual nature, located in Saskatchewan, Canada
undescovered mystery about twisted trees, something i want to see. And see the peaceful trees extend their myriad leaves in leisured dance - they bear the weight of sky and cloud upon the fountain of their veins.
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A dialoque between the child and God It's a dialoque between the child and God, before the child was born.
She asked: They tell me I'll be sent into the world tomorrow... How will I live there if I am so small and I can't defend myself? - From many different guardian angels I have chosen a special angel who is waiting for you and will take care of you. - But here in heaven all I do is sing and smile,which makes me so happy. How can I be happy on earth? - Your angel will sing and smile with you... and everyday and every instant you will feel happy and loved by your angel. - How will I ...
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Moja ulyublena cytata Це стара історія
Це стара історія, але ж вона вічно новою залишається, і як власне вона кому трапиться, тому серце надвоє розривається Es ist eine alte Geschichte, Doch bleibt sie ewig neu, Und wem sie just passieret, Dem bricht das herz entzwei
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Notre-Dame de Paris Description taken from Notre-Dame de Paris
In the fifteenth century, everything changed. The human mind discovered a means of perpetuating itself which was not only more lasting and resistant than architecture but also simpler and easier. Architecture was dethroned. The lead characters of Gutenberg succeeded the stone characters of Orpheus. The book was to kill the building. The invention of the printing-press is the greatest event in history. It was the mother of revolutions. It was the total renewal of man`s mode of expression ...
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